James Miller

Director of Strategic Business Investments, VanCity Group
Director of Strategic Business Investments, VanCity Group, Vancouver, BC. Mr. Miller is a board director of Dockside Green LP and the Director of Strategic Business Investments and Transformation at Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union. At Vancity, Mr. Miller is accountable for corporate development in addition to having accountability for the operations of Dockside Green which is being developed by Vancity.

 Located in Victoria, Dockside is one of the world’s largest master-planned green communities and is located on fifteen acres of former harbor front industrial land. Dockside has a planned total of 1.3 million square feet of mixed residential, office, retail and commercial space. 

Mr. Miller has a Master of Business Administration from the Queen’s School of Business and is a graduate of Simon Fraser University.

"Rethinking Growth: Green Building Design Integrated with Sustainable Community Development"

This presentation will highlight the environmentally sustainable community the world is talking about, Dockside Green. Located on the shores of Victoria's Upper Harbour, Dockside Green is a unique sustainable development that’s having a profound local impact while generating considerable international attention. Dockside Green is a visionary project at the forefront of global urban planning being jointly developed by Vancity. This isn't just a real estate development, it's a project that has rehabilitated and revitalized a former industrial brownfield site while respecting the environment and the communities that surround it such as the First Nations people whose ancestors originally inhabited the area, local residents, and the hundreds of local workers making it a reality. 

Dockside Green has attained “Platinum” level of the LEED® rating system on its first two residential and commercial phases. The entire development is also rated Platinum under LEED for Neighbourhood Development. Upon build-out, Dockside Green will be comprised of one million square feet of mixed-use buildings with a focus on ecological, social and economic responsibility, the triple bottom line philosophy that guides everything they do.