About The Ecuadorian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil:

The Ecuadorian-Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit organization, formed by members, who represent businesses and individuals from a diverse range of industries that share the common interest of creating strong bilateral relations between Canada and Ecuador. Our Chamber of Commerce is strategically located in the city of Guayaquil, “The Pearl of the Pacific,” as it is the largest city in Ecuador, the most important seaport, and the business capital of the country.  

A recent and legally formed organization. The Canadian-Ecuadorian Chamber of Commerce in Guayaquil is regulated by Chapter XXIX of the first civil book and the judicial laws and norms of the Republic of Ecuador.

A key philosophy of this Chamber is to have an unlimited amount of members, for an indefinite duration, who have the desire to participate in business together as well as collaborate, encourage and strengthen relations between Canada and Ecuador. The Chamber offers various services, such as:
  • Assistance in obtaining and maintaining information relating to national and international rules and regulations to facilitate and promote trade between Canada and Ecuador.
  • Organizing business and commercial events to strengthen bilateral relationships.
  • Training for manufacturers, importers and exporters through seminars, symposiums and guest speakers.
  • Establishing contacts and relationships with institutions with complementary interests in order to create business opportunities

Mission of ECCC-GYE:
To promote and strengthen economic, commercial, environmental, touristic, social and cultural relations with the active participation of the business sector from both Countries in activities which will generate an increasing flow of bilateral exchanges.

Vision of ECCC-GYE:
To be the most important facilitator of bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Ecuador, in Guayaquil

Please visit us on our website at http://www.ecuacangye.com/english.htm

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