Sustainability Consultant

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Sonja Janousek has more than 8 years of international experience in Sustainable Tourism, economic development, environmental management, monitoring and evaluation, and education for sustainability collaborating on projects with the Canadian International Development Agency, UNESCO Bangkok, IUCN Pacific Region, The Nature Conservancy and Keystone Accountability.
Sonja began work in Ecuador in 2003 as International Project Specialist for the College of the Rockies (British Columbia, Canada) and since then has worked with diverse public and private stakeholders at the community and regional levels. Sonja has instructed courses in the fields of Sustainability & Social Responsibility at the University of Espiritu Santo, Universidad Casa Grande and College of the Rockies.

Sonja holds a Master of Sustainable Development Degree from Macquarie University and currently works as an independent sustainability consultant.

Round-table discussion facilitator 

As a Canadian from Vancouver and having worked in Guayaquil, Ecuador, for more than 8 years in Sustainable Development, Sonja brings a valuable perspective to this conference. As the moderator of the Round table discussion, Sonja will moderate questions from the audience and facilitate the engagement of participants in a discussion with our Guest Speakers on Vancouver’s journey towards becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020, and how Guayaquil can learn from this experience.