Mark Hartman  
Green Building Program Manager, The City of Vancouver

"Becoming the greenest City in the world by 2020: how do we get there from here?"

This inspiring presentation will highlight the issues the City of Vancouver has been wrestling with as it strives to become the greenest city in the world by 2020. Its goal is to inspire a network of "greenest cities" that restore ecosystems rather than deplete the planet's resources.    Mark Hartman, Vancouver's Green Building Program Manager, will walk through innovate programs that lower the city's carbon footprint by supporting the development of renewable energy, district energy, and green buildings.  

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Darrell Desjardin
Director, Sustainable DevelopmentPort Metro Vancouver 

"Integrating Port Sustainability with Community Expectations"

This presentation will highlight how Canada's busiest port, Port Metro Vancouver, is fulfilling its vision of being a global leader in port sustainability. Port Metro Vancouver strives to lead by example by demonstrating opportunities for sustainable development in their own operations and by collaborating with their partners to improve performance port-wide. They integrate social, economic and environmental matters into their values, culture, decision making, strategic initiatives, development and operations in a transparent and accountable manner. Furthermore, they engage with local communities, industry, First Nations and government to identify environmental and social impacts, economic partnerships and solutions.  Many of the environmental and social issues that are found in Vancouver, British Columbia are common to Guayaquil, Ecuador and perhaps can serve as the basis for shared solutions.

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Paul Vallee
Executive Vice President Tourism Vancouver - 
The Greater Vancouver Convention and Visitors Bureau

“Vancouver’s Steps toward Sustainable Tourism” 

Paul Vallee, Executive Vice President of Tourism Vancouver, and former Chair of ETHOS (BC Partnership for Sustainable Tourism), will provide an overview of strategic efforts to develop sustainable practices for tourism industry in Vancouver.  Since the 1990’s, Tourism Vancouver has worked with government and industry to enhance sustainability and energy conservation programs, through such partnerships as Oceans Blue Foundation, BC Hydro and ETHOS.  The session will cover background on these various initiatives, including certification programs, with a focus on outcomes, challenges and future direction.  The presentation will look at how these steps are helping to contribute to the City of Vancouver’s plan to be the greenest city in the world by 2020.

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James Miller  
Director of Strategic Business Investments, VanCity Group

"Dockside Green: Rethinking Growth: Green Building Design Integrated with Sustainable Community Development"

This presentation will highlight the environmentally sustainable community the world is talking about, Dockside Green. Located on the shores of Victoria's Upper Harbour, Dockside Green is a unique sustainable development that’s having a profound local impact while generating considerable international attention. Dockside Green is a visionary project at the forefront of global urban planning being jointly developed by Vancity. This isn't just a real estate development, it's a project that has rehabilitated and revitalized a former industrial brownfield site while respecting the environment and the communities that surround it such as the First Nations people whose ancestors originally inhabited the area, local residents, and the hundreds of local workers making it a reality. Dockside Green has attained “Platinum” level of the LEED® rating system on its first two residential and commercial phases. The entire development is also rated Platinum under LEED for Neighbourhood Development. Upon build-out, Dockside Green will be comprised of one million square feet of mixed-use buildings with a focus on ecological, social and economic responsibility, the triple bottom line philosophy that guides everything they do. 
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Dave Waldron 
Principal and Co-Founder of Synapse Strategies
"Integrating green buildings and renewable energy in a tourism community: the case of Whistler, Canada"

This presentation will tell the story of how an integrated community approach to sustainability led to a long and growing list of green innovations including new green buildings and neighborhoods, renewable energy projects and greening of tourism businesses. Located 120 km north of Vancouver, Whistler is consistently ranked as the number one mountain resort in North America and recently hosted about half the events of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Environmental sustainability was introduced in this ‘resort community’ late in the 1990’s through a series of national and international award-winning strategic plans and community partnerships. This led directly to such things as a community energy planning, new standards for buildings and neighborhoods, greening of local government operations (e.g. building retrofits), new approaches for tourism-based businesses and several renewable energy projects. Establishing a strong strategic framework, and engaging thousands of people in practical steps, was key to making the integrated plans a reality. While challenges remain, Whistler continues to pursue more opportunities for becoming a greener, healthier and more sustainable resort community.
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Boyd Cohen 
Co-founder of CO2IMPACT

"Lessons in the Green Economy and Climate Capitalism"

Contrary to the common misconception, making the transition to the green, low-carbon economy can be profitable for businesses and for communities while also improving the quality of life. Dr. Boyd Cohen has spent nearly 10 years in British Columbia teaching, researching and being part of the green, low-carbon economy. In this presentation he will share his insights and stories of local businesses and communities who are succeeding at making the transition to the green, low-carbon economy. Dr. Cohen also has extensive experience traveling and working in Spain and Latin America, most recently with his company, CO2 IMPACT, which develops carbon reduction projects in Latin America. In this presentation, Dr. Cohen will address thoughts on how lessons from Vancouver and other parts of Latin America could be applied in Guayaquil.

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Founder of AV Renewable Energy S.A.

AV Renewable Energy S.A. (AVRESA) is a company based on energy production, energy management and energy savings through clean and pure energy for residential, commercial, governmental and industrial sectors. AVRESA provides installation, design, study, audit, distribution, commercialization, maintenance and monitoring services of solar power, wind power and hybrids.

With more than 25 years of experience in solar and wind power, they can ensure a high quality service with the best products on the market. They also provide products for the urban signage, airport and sea, outdoor lighting, and the bioclimatic and ecology in constructions. AVRESA has representatives around the world who are constantly searching for new and more advanced methods, products and systems in renewable energy. Their corporate mission is to make this world a better place to live. For them it is very important to teach the community how important our environment and how everyone can step into the new world of renewable energy.
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Sustainability Consultant

Round-table discussion facilitator 

As a Canadian from Vancouver and having worked in Guayaquil, Ecuador, for more than 8 years in Sustainable Development, Sonja brings a valuable perspective to this conference. As the moderator of the Round table discussion, Sonja will moderate questions from the audience and facilitate the engagement of participants in a discussion with our Guest Speakers on Vancouver’s journey towards becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020, and how Guayaquil can learn from this experience.

Sonja Janousek has more than 8 years of international experience in sustainable tourism, economic development, environmental management, monitoring and evaluation, and education for sustainability collaborating on projects with the Canadian International Development Agency, UNESCO Bangkok, IUCN Pacific Region, The Nature Conservancy and Keystone Accountability.
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