Sustainability Initiatives in Guayaquil

The City has recently made notable progress in urban redevelopment and transportation,having implemented a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system and completed a regeneration of the downtown waterfront into a dynamic and lively pedestrian boardwalk, the famous boardwalk "Malecón 2000," which is walking distance to tourist attractions such as the Iguana Park, and the shopping district.

 In 2003, Guayaquil received an award from the United Nations Development Program as the best practice of local development and good governance in recognition of its urban development. Its architecture and city planning gave the downtown core a major facelift. The urban actions of Malecón 2000 re-established the connection between the local citizens and the river, which was in the past contaminated and the waterfront deteriorated. Fully embraced by the local citizens, this project was completed in 2002. Regarding successive surveys, more than 95% of the Guayaquilenians are very satisfied with the regeneration of the Malecón[1]. In its efforts to build a more sustainable city, the city of Guayaquil also received the 2007 Sustainable Transport Award.

[1] source: “Malecón 2000 as a Strategic Project for the Regeneration of Guayaquil”